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Weeding books: how I do it

January 10th, 2013 · No Comments · Excess of Possessions, Recycling

What I’m keeping: two kinds.

1. Books I haven’t read yet and still want to read.

2. Books I’ve read and loved so much that I actually open them up periodically and read over my favorite parts.

What I’m not keeping: everything else.

1. Nay to books that have been sitting on my shelf without a look for well over twenty years. because think about it — twenty years without being cracked? What does that mean? It means it’s not exactly begging for a re-read. I’m sure not going to read “Darkness at Noon” again. Why would I? It’s seared into my brain. I’ve found plenty of other books in that category on my shelf, and out they go.

2. Away with books that are old, yellowed, brittle and musty, as paperbacks over ten years old tend to be. Into the recycling bin they go. If I love a book that much, I’ll buy a better copy in hardback, because it’s no pleasure to read a book in that condition.

3. Another capital crime is if the print’s so small that only an insect can read it.

4. I’m discarding with great glee anything written in tedious, academic English. I hated it in college, and I hate it now. The only excuse for writing that way is the juvenile hope that if no one can understand you, everyone will think you’re smarter than they are. (Fortunately not all my college materials were written in this way and I’m keeping some gems that still speak to me.)

So there you are. Go wild. Start throwing.

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