Exploring what life could be like if we weren’t buried in clutter, burdened with too many possessions, and surrounded by chaos.

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I wish I could say that my life was about something more glamorous than dealing with clutter, but apparently it’s not.

There are two kinds of places in the world where I’ve found peace like no other. One was the wilderness; the other was in monasteries and convents.

Unfortunately, my access to wilderness is limited by my proven legitimate terror of getting lost. And I can’t move into a monastery because I have too much junk. They won’t let you bring your junk — I asked. Plus my girlfriend doesn’t want to go with me, so that’s another deal breaker.

My question is, how can I get my home to feel like a monastery? I’m going to start with clearing out my spaces to look just like theirs. When I’ve got that accomplished I’ll move on to: the world at large.

Come along with me and let’s purge together! Join this blog (or read it without joining) and let’s take turns liberating space in our dwellings! Send me your stories, your nightmares, your before and after pics, your successes, your advice inquiries!


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  • twila

    Kate …wanted to let you know that I’ve read this site with unmitigated glee. Laugh out loud enjoyment, and more than a little ‘recognition’…as in, a little close to home!

    I love your way with words; your view of all things all too human. Thanks for letting me know about this waaay fun place to hang out.

    with much care,

  • Katy Wolf

    Hi Kate,

    I just found your website from Trash for Peace’s FB post the other day. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Thank you for this blog. You are such an entertaining writer. I would love it if I could post a link to your blog on my new site, Sustainable Mississippi. I could also use some cool local recycling expert writers like yourself, if you wanted to do a post about recycling or Mississippi neighborhood. 🙂


    • Kate Gawf

      Are you kidding? I would LOVE to be on your new site. I was just looking at it, and I love it! and I thanks for letting me know about Trash for Peace too. I couldn’t find my blog listed there, but it’s a good place to be. Next time I’m up in your neighborhood, I’ll look for something to post about that’s specific to that area.

  • Lee Koch

    Hi, Kate! Thrilled to stumble across your new blog from a Google search result on your old one. I too am a hoarder of Kate Gawf postcards. I was trying to remember if the Mr. Rogers-like hip hop one was one of yours, but I mailed it to someone so I can’t confirm that hunch. But I still have many others & plan to hang them in my kitchen SOMEday …

    • Kate Gawf

      Thanks for you post! Nope, that’s not one of mine. Thanks for finding me and checking out my blog. I’ve taken a sabbatical from it, but I my start up again.

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