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Photo essay of junk that went bye-bye

January 3rd, 2013 · 1 Comment · Excess of Possessions, Passing it on, Recycling

As promised, here are the exciting photos of what I extracted from my home during the month of December. As you look at each one, think about the amount of cubic space freed up by the removal of that much stuff.

 Here’s an ironing board (a 1920s one for midgets, replaced by a taller one); a magazine rack, which for some reason Lindi hates; an extra vacuum cleaner from way back when we combined households; the vacuum cleaner parts and their offspring. We took these over to Community Warehouse, a place that sells furniture and household stuff to people trying to set up house after rehab or prison or homeless-ness, or for one reason or another need a whole new start and don’t have much money.
Here’s an office chair, replaced by a new one that fits Lindi’s body better.
And here’s a box of books and a pile of books. The box I donated to an educational institution in that subject area, and the pile was a bunch of novels I donated to the Friends of the Library book sale. Next post I’ll let you in on my criteria for getting rid of books, which for many is the hardest thing to let go of.

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