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Wishing you a Simpler New Year!

January 1st, 2013 · No Comments · Decluttering, Excess of Possessions

New Year’s resolutions!? To that I say “Pah!”

Everything is a work in progress. Why load up one poor day with so much weight!

Alright, I admit it. I do it too. Make vows of one sort or another. But at least I don’t beat myself with them! That’s not what they’re for.

If I make a resolution to clear out all my clutter by the end of January and I don’t make that deadline, does that mean I failed?

No, it means that I found out it takes longer than that. So I keep going. For how long? Till I finish? Finish what, specifically?

I keep selecting tinier goals. Such as, I’m going to liberate this particular room from clutter by the end of this month, and no fair schlepping it all into another room. Even that can turn out to be too big, depending on how much is in the room. So I go smaller. As in, I’m going to weed through the clothes in the closet this weekend.

Who cares about where we are in the calendar, really? I’m constantly re-assessing my progress throughout the year. It’s useless to throw up my hands in despair. Instead, I adjust and rejigger my intentions.

One needs encouragement. Inspiration. Other people who are doing the same thing I am.

Hence this blog.

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