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Avoiding pesky labor laws by sending work abroad

June 24th, 2013 · No Comments · Consumer Issues, Excess of Possessions, Manufacturing, Philosophy, Polystyrene

See the happy factory workers, who spend their lives in rotten working conditions for extremely low pay so that we can have all the pink plastic doggies we need.

What was I saying last time? Oh yes — we send our Styrofoam to China and they make it into cheaper plastic products. So what’s wrong with that? If China can recycle polystyrene into a more inert kind of plastic that isn’t going to be breaking up into little particles and flying all over the place, isn’t that a good thing?

Well, yes, kind of. But.
This whole send-the-work-abroad thing?
There’s a lot wrong with it.

First of all, they still have to send it over there — on a big ship that uses up a lot of oil. That part’s not cheaper, right? Isn’t the cost of oil the same globally?

The fact that the total cost to us of the resulting end product we buy back — which includes the shipping PLUS the machinery, the facilities, and the labor in China — is so absurdly low — how can that be right? You know somebody in this picture is getting screwed.

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