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Pen-Pigs Anonymous

February 4th, 2013 · No Comments · Collecting, Excess of Possessions, Packratting

It’s really bad. I might have to start going to meetings.

“Hello. My name is Kate and I am a pen-pig,” I would start out. (You have to introduce yourself in the correct way.) “Hi, Kate!” they would chime  in unison. Then I’d tell the following little story of hope.

It happened the other day at my credit union. Next to the teller window, a mug bearing the name of the credit union held a few dozen pens — also bearing the name of the credit union. Ad pens, meant to be taken, lost, and thus distributed among the populace.

All by itself, with no apparent coaching from me, my hand reached out and grabbed a pen — just like the robotic claw behind the glass in a vending machine that grabs the bag of Doritos after you push the matching buttons, and drops it down to the retrieval slot.

Then I thought about my pen situation at home, and I did something I’ve never done before. Ever. In my whole life.

I put the pen back.

I credit a wee voice in my head that said, “Kate. Do you need . another pen.”

For once, I listened to the wee voice. My answer was: “No, I do not.”

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