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Inside the Mind of a Packrat

December 14th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Packratting, Re-using, The Packrat Mind


That thing you see on my finger? It’s a twisty tie, which just turned up in the Miscellaneous drawer. Why had I saved it?

For its beauty.


For one thing, it’s gold. For another, unlike ordinary twisty ties, it’s wide and flat instead of narrow and twisted. As if that were not fantastic enough, it is bordered by a little rounded edge on each side. That’s the part that actually houses the wire. The wire of a twisty-tie is like the spine of a human being. This twisty-tie has a double spine, which is why it holds its shape so impeccably in whichever way I bend it. See how beautifully it spirals around my finger. I found it in the drawer just now in this exact shape – just the way I left it there about six months ago. Unfortunately I can’t remember what product it came off of. If I could, I’d probably go buy more of it.

You may at first think I am a sick woman, and you may be right, but there IS an upside to it. As you might imagine, if I can get this excited about a twisty tie, it can’t be that expensive to make me happy.

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  • Jeanne Wildman

    I feel compelled to say how I found your decluttering blog.

    1: I’m chatting in a thread called “House-cleaning for artsy types” (in a community of sewers, who tend towards packrattery in the realm of “stash”).
    2: Some of us talk about conflicted feelings about cleaning.
    3: I feel like cleaning, decluttering, housework generally will eat me alive. It’s so angsty to describe that but there’s this great Kate Gawf cartoon that says it all, one I used to have on a postcard from the Heartland Cafe in Chicago (if memory serves….). The cartoon shows a headstone. The caption is “Mrs. {name forgotten} realizes she has spent her life cleaning and caring for other people.” A thought balloon from the headstone: “Shit.”
    4: I can’t find the cartoon online–in fact, only a couple of those cartoons are visible–but apparently Kate Gawf has a decluttering website. Hah!
    One of those instances of internet circularity….

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