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Silverfish: enemy of the packrat

December 20th, 2012 · No Comments · Decluttering

I hope you all appreciate my visceral resistance to sullying my blog with this disgusting image, which I heroically overcame for the sake of your education.

As promised, and as pictured here, the mother of all motivators: silver fish.

Paper? They love it. And if you have it around, you’ll start having them around. Not so much with nice, new-ish books upright on the shelf. My theory is that they like lying-down paper the best. Except for musty and moldy paperbacks — they’ll take those any old way. But piles of newspapers and magazines? Their favorite. Especially if they’re on the floor. And corrugated cardboard boxes? Yum!

Oddly, even though their favorite meal may be on the floor, you’ll begin to find them elsewhere, such as between your sheets — an event which has been known to trigger a leaping, hollering conniption fit that can only be appeased by a complete change of linens, no matter the hour of night.

Normally I’m one of those slightly annoying people who cannot simply step on a spider but must coax it into a cup and take it outdoors and deposit it onto a new, carefully selected, spider-appropriate patch of real estate. But when it comes to silver fish, I will let the Navy Seals, Rambo, and the Green Berets into my home, all at the same time

Absent them, Lindi will do. She does a swift and efficient job , but without the uniform or the use of explosives.

And by the way, that’s my Girlfriend and yes, I’ve changed her name to protect her identity as she has not the faintest yearning for fame and notoriety of any degree.

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