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What if you have the hoarder problem?

December 12th, 2012 · No Comments · Hoarding, Packratting

If, with the aid of my last post, you have diagnosed yourself as being beyond Packrat and into the realm of Hoarder, I’m afraid I have to tell you that that’s not really the problem I’m addressing in this blog. If you are in the habit of conserving dudu and other things of vile nature, there’s probably a better blog out there for you than this.

My blog might be a good supplement to that, but really, you need more. So sure, do stay and work along with us, but in addition, find someone else — another human, of equally compassionate but more professional nature, to help you with the True Hoarder aspect of your illness.

And, Dear Hoarder, fear not that I think for a single moment that I’m better than you. Neigh, my friend. I recognize, and hereby publicly confess, that I may be as little as two wayward brain cells away from being you. I cling breathlessly to the diaphanous filament of hope that if I’m *Really Good* and continue to purge relentlessly, I’ll be rewarded by all my brain cells remaining firmly in their seats, with their seatbacks bolt upright, their tray tables up, and their seatbelts securely fastened. Till my plane comes to a complete stop at the end of my runway, Amen.

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