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The mating habits of writing implements

February 15th, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Well…. if I’m not posting as often as I’d like, it’s because the agreement (between Lindi and me) was that I would not spend all my time blogging about decluttering instead of, say…. decluttering — which would be easy to do because guess which one is more fun?

I’ve quit bothering to clear a place among the pens on the table — now I just eat on top of them.

I do clear a place for Lindi though .

But look here, I am making progress — this fat bagfull is going out to the garage for a future in recycling.

It might look, to the naked person’s eye, like I’m not getting anywhere — but it’s just that every time I think I’ve found every pen in the house, I come across another cache of them — huddling together fearfully in some unseen cranny — under the edge of a magazine; behind the blinds on a window ledge; in an overlooked tomato can behind a plant.

And that’s another thing. No more tomato cans. Or metallic red baking powder cans, or Prince Edward Olives cans. I’m going for an all-new look, and food cans are out, no matter how I might have once liked the Contadina girl on the tomato paste or Popeye on the spinach. I’m sick of that. Too sixties. This is almost the next sixties.

I was discussing my pen situation with a co-worker who, it turns out, has the same problem — or thinks she does. (It soon became evident that she has no idea of the scale I’m talking about — but never mind.) She shared some insights with me, however, and shed some light on the problem. “You can’t leave two of them alone in a dark room,” she revealed. She once left just a couple of pens in a box on a closet shelf and next time she looked, the box was full — of more pens, pens she’d never seen before.

“And they’re not at all discriminating about inter-breeding. That’s why so many of them don’t work,” she explained, answering one of my most perplexing questions.

No wonder. Look at that big sack of pens in the above photo — not a one of them functional. And why, when their cartridges appear to be full? Well, now I know.

Thank you, Jenny. I feel enlightened.


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