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Categories of Pens

February 10th, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Well. I promised I wouldn’t bore you with all the different categories. But how else am I going to explain this photo?

The wastebasket, as you might guess, contains the pens destined for the recycling center. [See future post, Can pens be recycled?]Then I have the pens I’m giving to the school children. [See future post, Should school children be given pens with names of Rx drugs on them?]

And then there is the category of Pens I LOVE but that need refills. [See future post, Can you even buy pen refills anymore?]

Besides the black ink pens, I’ve got blue pens, red pens and green pens. You can’t go rummaging through eight million pens and try them all out every time you need a different color ink. [I’m trying to simplify my life, remember?]

Then I’ve got some little short pens that you can tuck into alternate nooks and crannies if you lack the right kind of pockets. [See future post, Selecting clothing with adequate pocketry.] And don’t forget about fat pens and thin pens.

In addition, among all these pens I found magic markers and highlighters [see future post, The shelf-life of markers and their proper storage for maximizing usability]; and art crayon-pens; and even a few pencils — needing to be transferred over to that collection. [See future posts, The proper sorting and care of pencils; Reviews of different pencil brands; Review of book about the history of the pencil; Selecting the best pencil for the job at hand; plus my extensive pencil photo essays, and more.]

Note the myriad complicated moral dilemmas that come up when trying to execute the seemingly simple act of getting rid of a few items. See? I can’t be both a packrat and a responsible steward of the planet at the same time. The two can’t live harmoniously within the same person. My poor conflicted brain gets so tired having to think all this through. I ain’t doing this when I’m ninety.

Hence my eternal mantra: Just Say No to More Stuff.


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