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You can actually buy sock loss insurance

January 17th, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s true. But not for the socks you already have.  (Sorry to get you all excited.) You have to buy your socks from the company that insures them. But keep it in mind for future socks.

I so hate losing socks — it gnaws at me. like a mouse on a corncob. How does this happen? I’m so careful. This is so not right!

I found a whole blog post  on all your options for preventing it. (Insurance information included, see item 7.) Jeri Dansky’s blog is very clean and simple to look at — unlike a lot of decluttering blogs, it isn’t cluttery looking! She’s a professional problem solver in the area of clutter, while I’m just another schmoe trying to crawl out from underneath all this stuff.

I might try some of her techniques for not losing them, but even though my blog is all about getting rid of stuff, I draw the line at single socks. I disagree on her sixth point:  “don’t keep those single socks around forever.”

I’m saving every single one of them.

That other sock’s got to be somewhere, and I can even narrow it down to this building. How hard can it be? It can’t have dematerialized. I refuse to accept that it’s really lost. I’ve had them turn up as much as two years later.

Imagine how you’d feel if you tossed out a lone sock and its partner turned up the next day. That would be like Romeo returning to Juliet only to find she’d committed suicide — only in this case, you’d be responsible.

And yes I know there are bigger things to worry about than sock loss, but my problems count too.


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